Mortgage Cadence

Collaboration Center by Mortgage Cadence automates processes, exchanges documents and data, enables communication, and fosters real-time interaction — all within a secure environment that keeps the communications in the actual loan file. SoftPro customers can receive the loan data no matter what loan origination system a lender may utilize without any re-keying of data. The SoftPro 360 integration with Collaboration Center allows for order creation, secure delivery and receipt of documents and messages to and from the participating lenders.

For more information, contact Mortgage Cadence at and SoftPro Sales at or 800-848-0143.


ClosingCorp Order Management optimizes the mortgage closing process by enabling communication among all parties involved in a real estate transaction at closing. The enhanced solution integrates lender and settlement agent data to streamline the reconciliation of fees for final loan closing disclosures. Settlement agents can seamlessly receive order statuses, messages, and documents. Through the SoftPro 360 integration, orders are routed to the appropriate provider and the loan, lender, buyer and property information is sent with the new order request. Multiple events are supported to securely communicate with the lender including sending documents and data.

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RealEC’s services enable lenders and their business partners to electronically connect, collaborate and automate their business processes to eliminate paper, manual processing and other sources of friction in the origination and servicing of mortgage loans. Lenders can securely order Title Services, Closing Services and Signing Services directly through the RealEC Exchange. The SoftPro 360 integration with RealEC supports several workflows and numerous events throughout the closing and title process. With Closing Insight, providers can seamlessly receive new orders, and securely receive and send messages, documents and CDF data. Providers can collaborate with lenders to reconcile and finalize closing disclosure data which saves time and reduces errors by replacing manual processes.

For more information, contact Black Knight at or 877-273-2532 and SoftPro Sales at or 800-848-0143.