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SoftPro provides Underwriter, Land Title and State Packages of documents and reports right at your fingertips!

At the request of Underwriter State Counsels, SoftPro provides specific regional documents as a free service to their agents.

Review release notes, download and install any of the available packages now! Simply follow the instructions below, based on the version of SoftPro software you use.

For Our Standard and Enterprise Customers

Below you will find a list of document packages that we have developed for our Standard and Enterprise versions. If your state is not listed under your underwriter, please contact your local underwriter state counsel office and request that they work with our compliance department to submit their documents for future development.

At the top of each page you will find a link to send us an email notifying us that you have downloaded that particular document package so we may then notify you when an updated package becomes available.

For Our Select Customers

If you are using our SoftPro Select version, you may access our document and report portal here. You will be able to select your states and underwriters and they will be added to a watchlist for you. You can download packages, review release notes, and set up notification preferences to receive an email when updated packages on your watchlist become available.