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Customized SoftPro Training at YOUR Office

By choosing SoftPro’s Onsite Training, you are getting the most robust and effective method of training we offer. Our trainers can determine if there are more effective ways for you to utilize your SoftPro application – hidden shortcuts you may have never known about. We will also be able to look at your business process and workflow to determine if there are SoftPro products and services that could help you increase your productivity, giving you an edge on the competition. Why not benefit from the knowledge and expertise our trainers have gained from working with similar organizations throughout the country?

Onsite Training Options:

SoftPro offers six primary Training Tracks that we've found to be the most effective method for training an organization's staff. We can also customize a training program to meet the specific requirements of your organization.

The Top Requested Topics:

  • • Order Entry
  • • Title
  • • Closing Escrow
  • • Accounting
  • • SoftPro Administration
  • • General Onsite Support
  • Other Commonly Requested Training Topics:

  • • Workflow
  • • ClosingsLIVE
  • • SoftPro 360 Services
  • • Document Development
  • Pricing:

    1 day

    2 days

    3 days

    4 days

    5 days

    Training fees are in addition to the trainer’s travel expenses. Saturday training is also available at an additional cost. All private training fees must be paid prior to the class.