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SoftPro Standard is a fundamental package for your residential real estate closing, title and escrow production

Choose the features that best fit your current needs and add additional ones later.

Get up to speed quickly with minimal installation effort and training required.

Closing, Title and Escrow Production

Improve accuracy, speed and control over every phase of your process.

You enter data (such as sales price, buyer's name, etc.) only once and SoftPro does the rest. It performs all the calculations in real time including taxes, payoffs, commissions, title insurance premiums, and all prorations. When you choose the documents you need to print, the data gets populated in the appropriate locations on the documents. This Closing, Title and Escrow production module includes the CDF, HUD-1 Settlement Statement, HUD-1A, ALTA Settlement Statements, Disbursements Summary, Title Commitments and Policies, and over 100 other ready-to-print documents.

  • One time data entry to complete title commitment, Title Policy, HUD-1, GFE HUD or CD
  • Create unlimited templates to prepopulate your orders with contacts and subdivision information
  • Flexible receipting & disbursing on or off disclosure statement
  • Out-of-the-box State and Federal Closing, Title and Escrow document packages
  • Auto-calculation of transfer taxes, recording fees and title insurance premiums
  • Look up tables providing quick and easy access to repetitive information
  • One click access to online knowledgebase



Manage and reconcile one or multiple trust accounts.

Automatically compile data from orders and maintain all transactions including deposits and checks that are active, voided, pending, or held. You can also quickly search for specific ledgers or transactions, as well as print checks and a variety of reports to assist in reconciliation and auditing procedures. You can manage and track the disbursement of construction draws as well as track interest credits associated with Interest Bearing Accounts (IBA).

  • Comprehensive trust account reporting; general, daily, monthly and 3-way reconciliation reports
  • Balance by ledger as well as running account balance
  • Check printing


1099 S-Submission

Make 1099 submission more efficient.

Automate the preparation of 1099-S records for submission to the IRS and eliminate the need for pre-printed carbon 1099-S forms. You can store all your 1099-S data throughout the year and enter the 1099-S data directly into the program. The data is automatically sent directly from your closing, title and escrow production module. The system automatically notifies you of any discrepancies in the file while you are working on the closing.

  • 1099-S record management (search, report, view)
  • Exception reporting for missing or errorneous information as well as for what is being submitted
  • Data import/export to 1099-S management module with no need to rekey 1099-S data
  • Electronic submission to IRS FIRE site

Document Scanning and Attachments

Unclutter your cabinet files by digitizing your documents.

Easily attach documents of any type with SoftPro’s drag and drop functionality. In addition, our SPImage scanning module provides you with a barcode functionality, allowing your scanned images to be attached directly to your ProForm orders.
Our annotation feature also allows you to quickly and easily mark up your PDF documents, which is available only in Select and Hosted versions.

  • Built-in document repository accessible from order to store images and documents
  • Barcode scanning to push documents from Scanner to document repository in file
  • Drag and drop documents, images, emails, etc

Custom Documents and Reports

Create your own custom documents.

You can create custom documents in Microsoft Word and import as SoftPro Merge docs or by using SoftPro proprietary module ProDesign. You can insert graphics, text, field names and IF/Then statements, which are linked to data in your closing files.
ProDesign is the document design module that allows you to create custom documents, called Ready Docs. These proprietary documents allow for one-time data entry and hotspot functionality to quickly and easily update any data from one place.

  • Create custom documents yourself or use our services to help you create custom documents
  • Multiple custom document formats


Engage with robust reporting.

Run reports on any data by taking advantage of 100+ canned reports or create your own.

  • Crystal reports custom and out of the box
  • Export reports to Excel

Integrated Partners

Order closing, title and escrow services directly from your SoftPro software.

When you order products and services through SoftPro's integrated vendor portal SoftPro 360, the information needed to place your orders automatically transfers from your SoftPro files — eliminating the need for paper order forms, dual entry, faxes, emails and reducing the potential for error. In addition, data and documents from third party vendors can be automatically accepted into your closing files.
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  • Order closing, title and escrow services directly from your software: e-recording, lien release, shipping, notary, underwriters, and more

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