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SoftPro’s Consulting Service is offered to provide you with continued education to assist in utilizing our suite of SoftPro products to the fullest

This service provides you with the opportunity to have a seasoned industry specialist analyze your current business processes and workflow and supply recommendations to streamline your use of our applications and your internal business practices around them. SoftPro Consulting can be purchased in two ways – hourly remote web sessions for targeted requests or onsite for a more in-depth approach.

Hourly Consultations

Hourly consultations are typically used when there is a specific topic request. For example, a company may want to discuss how to better use templates to assist their users with efficiency.

Onsite Consultations

Onsite consultations allow the consultant to work directly with management and users for a specified number of days.

The Process


  • Observe your workflow and utilization of SoftPro applications
  • Analyze your internal business processes
  • Review findings
  • Discuss areas for efficiency gains/improvements
  • Formulate game plan for process improvements and application changes
  • Implement changes and provide training to appropriate personnel specific to these change

The Results


  • Documented report on observations
  • Projected goals
  • Itemized account for changes already implemented
  • Projected plan(s) for any deferred items to be implemented



Hourly services may be purchased at a rate of $125 per hour. This would include web-based screen sharing. Onsite Consulting Services per day*:

1 day

2 days

3 days

4 days

5 days


If you have questions about our consulting services or would like to schedule, please complete the form using the button below or email consulting@softprocorp.com.

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*The onsite consultation costs above do not include a required 3 hours at $125/hr for documentation and reporting of your analysis or the travel expenses that will be incurred. These additional costs will be included in your quote for approval prior to booking.

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