Stewart Title

The Stewart Access system allows SoftPro 360 users to generate, update, or void approved Stewart CPLs and policy jackets, eliminating the need to rekey data and making it even easier to do business with Stewart.

For more information, contact Stewart at

Old Republic Title

This integration allows agents of Old Republic Title to generate and update electronic policy jackets, policy numbers, and closing protection letters (CPLs). Users can also create automation processes in SoftPro Select to automatically submit and accept CPLs and title searches.

For more information, contact Old Republic Title at


Attorneys Title Guaranty Fund, Inc. (ATGF) provides underwriting service to title agents of all sizes and types in Colorado and Utah through EPIC® (Electronic Policy Issuance Capability), its web-based underwriting and distribution system.

For more information, contact ATGF at

Agents National Title

Fewer Clicks. Faster Results. Agents National Title allows for a seamless transmission of CPLs, commitment jackets, and policy jackets directly through the SoftPro 360 user interface. Eliminate duplicate entry and increase efficiency.

For more information, contact Agents National Title Insurance at


WFG National Title Insurance Company’s latest enhancement allows SoftPro users to order title searches and retrieve title evidence without leaving the SoftPro platform, as well as continue to produce WFG closing protection letters and policy jackets.

For more information, contact WFG at


Westcor Land Title Insurance Company’s interface with SoftPro provides users with fully automated ordering of CPLs and Policy Jackets. This seamless integration allows users to operate their business in a more agile way, by eliminating unnecessary steps and simplifying day to day business processes. Features include dual CPL support, an Update Jacket feature, an endorsement screen with codes and premiums, and more!

For more information, contact Westcor at

Title Resources

Title Resources’ Online Services PROS and CPL retrieval system allows SoftPro users to generate and access closing protection letters and policy jackets, directly through their SoftPro software. This integration eliminates the need to work across multiple systems, reducing time and re-keying errors and increasing efficiency.

For more information, contact Title Resources at

Texan Title

Agents of Texan Title can order title searches, CPLs, and policy jackets from Texan Title directly from SoftPro 360. When the order is fulfilled by Texan, it is electronically transferred back via the SoftPro 360 portal, saving time and increasing title production efficiency.

For more information, contact Texan Title at

Security Title

By integrating its online program, eSecurityConnect, with SoftPro 360, Security Title agents can efficiently and quickly generate policy and commitment jackets, CPLs and rate quotes, request over-limit approval, and electronic report insured risks all within the SoftPro system, minimizing logins, keystrokes and typographical errors.

For more information, contact Security Title at

First American

First American Title Insurance Company’s AgentNet® system allows SoftPro users to generate approved CPLs, order & retrieve search products, and search for back title (where available). Users can submit underwriting requests, generate policy jackets & validate rates simultaneously, and can include final policy upload & bulk remittance of up to 200 files. Automation is available for CPL, search and policy upload.

For more information, contact First American Title at