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With SoftPro LIVE, a customizable transaction management tool in your SoftPro software, you are able to provide all authorized parties with secure access to documents and order updates, thereby increasing efficiency and saving you and all authorized parties valuable time. You can access transaction data online anywhere, anytime – 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

How it Works:
Upload contact information, documents and the status of order tasks to SoftPro LIVE quickly and easily, directly from the SoftPro order – there is no need to re-key data. Automatic e-mail notifications keep contacts up-to-date on any activity related to the transaction. Since you control the level of access for your customers and contacts, you can create a completely personalized experience for them. You set the rules for who sees what information and when.

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Key Standard Features:

  • Provide all appropriate parties involved in the Real Estate transaction (buyer, seller, real estate agent, settlement office, lender, etc.) with access to a secure portal where they can check the real-time file status of their transaction(s) at any given time.
  • Post documents electronically to a secure portal.
  • Full permissions give you the control to provide your customers with appropriate access for the orders with which they are associated.
  • Keep your customers updated with e-mail notifications regarding order status.
  • Have your customers securely send you documents and messages from the portal and have those documents and messages flow directly into your SoftPro order.

Optional Features:

  • The web order entry add-on enables you to receive new orders securely and directly from your SoftPro LIVE. It also allows your customers to send orders and documents directly to your SoftPro 360 queue, and then review and accept orders without re-keying any information, minimizing errors and maximizing efficiency.
  • Automated transaction processing available with SoftPro Select.

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