SearchCONNECT, an affiliate of Investors Title and National Investors, provides a wide range of search, document-retrieval, and policy-typing solutions in FL, GA, SC, TN, TX, and VA, in several convenient formats that reduce risk and expedite workflow. The SearchCONNECT team collaborates with local experts, who understand market-specific nuances, to deliver the highest-quality solutions possible.

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Data Trace

DataTrace provides nationwide title production services with local, state-based expertise with its full suite of examined and non-examined products, including title reports. DataTrace offers complete tax status reporting services nationwide, as well as full tax certification in Colorado and Texas.

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Real Res services uncover issues that are not found in a traditional title search. Municipal lien searches uncover items like code violations, open/expired permits, unpaid utilities, and special assessments. Ordering Real Res services through SoftPro 360 saves time and improves the overall accuracy of order information with one-time data entry.

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Exacta Land Survey

SoftPro users can electronically order an array of services offered by Exacta, including land surveys, field management services, utility and municipal lien searches, elevation certificates, and estoppel reports, without leaving their SoftPro software. The integration with Exacta eliminates the rekeying of data and expedites the procurement and tracking of those services.

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Traditional Title Services

SoftPro users can order and receive title abstract services from Traditional Title Services directly via SoftPro 360. Numerous property reports are available including full abstracts, current owner, two owner, refinances, and more. Data is automatically pulled from the user’s SoftPro file, eliminating repetitive data entry and errors from data transcription.

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Texan Title

Agents of Texan Title can order title searches, CPLs, and policy jackets from Texan Title directly from SoftPro 360. When the order is fulfilled by Texan, it is electronically transferred back via the SoftPro 360 portal, saving time and increasing title production efficiency.

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Punctual Abstract Co.

Punctual Abstract offers a variety of property data reports including full abstracts, current owner, two owner, foreclosures, refinances, and mortgage and assignment searches. Through the integration, SoftPro users simply place an order for Punctual Abstract’s services from within their SoftPro system and and fulfilled orders are delivered electronically back into SoftPro.

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New Jersey Search Experts (NJ)

The New Jersey Search Experts is comprised of three independent search companies: State Capital Title & Abstract Co., Priority Search Services, and Western Technologies Group. With integrated ordering for search services, NJ Search Experts is the only source you need for quick turnaround time, and responsive customer service.

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Charles Jones (NJ & PA)

Charles Jones LLC allows SoftPro customers who perform real estate settlements in New Jersey and Pennsylvania to place electronic orders for searches on New Jersey judgments, tax and assessments, tidelands, Pennsylvania tax and utilities, as well as nationwide flood and patriot name searches.

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