ClosingLock is a leading platform for wire fraud prevention. They protect all parties in the transaction with a password- less, multi-factor authentication system. Their unique and proprietary solutions safeguard against inbound, outbound and payoff fraud while keeping the process easy-to-use for you and your customers. In addition to protecting against wire fraud, their platform seamlessly enables document sharing and eSigning.

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Notary Loop

Get secure connection to a network of notary signing services, allowing title agents and notary signing vendors to collaborate. This integration enables you to place orders, send documents, and information to any notary signing service that is listed in the NotaryLoop database, without leaving the SoftPro platform. Eliminate the need to work across multiple systems and enhance compliance with ALTA Best Practice #3.

For more information, contact Notary Loop at or 866-802-0002.


ZOCCAM gives customers the ability to streamline the home buying experience by enabling parties to securely send funds and documents to the escrow agent and lender while authenticating the borrower’s identification.

For more information, contact ZOCCAM at or 214-237-6500.

BC Law

The BC Law integration allows customers to order services such as title opinions, attorney table closers, document preparation services, and settlement services without leaving their SoftPro environment. The streamlined process automatically pulls information from the SoftPro file to eliminate repetitive data entry.

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Bancserv, a nationwide mobile notary service, facilitates all of your document signing needs. Whether it’s purchase documents, seller packages, refinance loans or another type of document, Bancserv has experienced agents for any type of signing appointment. These highly trained agents are pre-screened, tested and approved, monitored and rated on an ongoing basis.

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Simplifile is an e-recording provider, the process of recording documents online. With thousands of counties already e-recording documents, Simplifile has the largest e-recording network in the nation and continues to expand daily. Simplifile backs up its network with local representatives and 24/7 technical support.

For more information, contact Simplifile at or 800-460-5657.

Safe Escrow

Safe Escrow provides increased protection from fraud with its SafeValidation feature which verifies that funds are wired to the seller’s bank account by authenticating the payee as well as verifying that payoff funds are wired to the correct party.

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CloseSimple keeps all closing parties in the know through its automated texts and emails with its “Pizza Tracker for Title.” The fully customized and branded email and timelines help settlement agents differentiate themselves while increasing transparency throughout the closing process for realtors, lenders and consumers. Through the CloseSimple integration with SoftPro 360.

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eRecording Partners Network (ePN) is a national document recording service provider offering a recording service to ALL counties nationally with over 1,000 counties serviced electronically and the rest by ePN’s leading paper service.

For more information, contact ePN at or 888-325-3365.