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Experience flexibility and efficiency you’ve never seen before!

  • Multiple properties/parcels of land per order
  • Multiple charge lines, buyers, and sellers
  • Associate sales price, buyers, and sellers to each property



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The commercial functionality of SoftPro Select allows you to:

  • Choose “commercial” as the order type, no longer tied to regulated HUD or CDF forms
  • Print a Master Settlement Statement for multiple buyers, sellers, and properties
  • Print individual settlement statement types for buyers, sellers, and properties
  • Customize the header, sections, signatures, and footer of each settlement statement – not just for each office, but for each order
  • Specify who is responsible for each charge and associate one or more properties to a charge

If you are used to completing all the commercial calculations in Excel, see how easy it is to do the same calculations with less time and a chance of human error:

  • All of the calculations are built into the system, eliminating the need to type formulas manually and minimizing human error in copying and pasting formulas
  • NO need to re-key data into SoftPro or any other accounting program in order to do your receipting and disbursing, as they are already built into ProForm
  • NO need for double entry of the same information, since the ProForm order allows you to produce your other closing and title insurance documents
  • NO need to re-enter the information into your underwriter’s website in order to issue CPLs and Policy Jackets with built-in SoftPro 360 vendor integrations

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