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Tired of doing the same tasks over and over again? Let automation do the work for you.

Now, with automated features of SoftPro Select, you are able to automate processes that are currently done manually with no additional action required from you.

It’s like getting a super-talented multi-tasker in your office who does all the work for you!

Think of automation as another user in your company who can multitask and complete repetitive tasks for you 24/7, while you focus on what’s most important – servicing your customers!


These Automated Actions can include:

  • Adding tasks based on specific order information
  • Updating order status when title and/or escrow status has been updated
  • Applying specific templates to an order
  • Ordering search transactions from integrated partners and accept the data and documents when the searches are returned
  • Adding or updating a task when a commitment is published
  • Running reports at scheduled times and saving to a file location
  • Ordering and accepting products from integrated vendor services
  • *Sending pre-closing letters to buyers and sellers when a file is assigned to the escrow team
  • *Sending a letter to a customer when a contract is received

    *Requires the Task Notification Tool add-on