SoftPro Select is a cutting-edge application that combines technology and years of experience. Focused on how you run your business, not how your business runs you, SoftPro Select gives you the competitive advantage you need to be successful! With increased features, flexibility and power all in an easy to manage system, why settle for anything less?

Built on the Microsoft® .NET platform, SoftPro Select is the next-generation real estate closing, title and escrow product suite, which provides you with the ability to configure the software to fit your specific needs. You can design your own fields, screens, calculations and documents. You can even configure your company's workflow.

If your business primarily manages commercial closings, now you can greatly increase your productivity and minimize human errors with the commercial functionality of SoftPro Select.

In essence, you can customize the software for your business. SoftPro Select's MyScreens functionality enables you to choose the screens you want to see - those that are unique and relevant to your company, no matter the size or location. User-defined fields and interface builder screens allow you to design your own work area.

This flexibility creates a simple, easy-to-use client interface that will save you time, effort and money.