Joyce Weiland
President - 800-848-0143, Ext. 2205 /
Joyce Weiland began her career at SoftPro as a Sales Consultant in 1994. She advanced quickly to become SoftPro’s Director of Sales and Marketing and was promoted to her current position of President in 1999. Under Joyce’s leadership, SoftPro was ranked one of North Carolina’s 50 fastest growing technology companies for 2 years. In addition, she successfully transitioned SoftPro from a privately held corporation to a subsidiary of Fidelity National Financial in 2001. Joyce has overseen SoftPro’s impressive growth in becoming the title industry’s leading software with over 13,000 customer sites nationwide.

Jason Vander Vlies
CTO, SVP of Technology - 800-848-0143, Ext. 7548 /
Jason Vander Vlies is the Senior Vice President of Technology for SoftPro. Jason joined SoftPro in 2008 and has since created SoftPro 360, a cloud based B2B vendor portal where SoftPro customers can work with service providers from their desktop. Jason also leads SoftPro's product strategy, technology partnerships, and emerging opportunities. Prior to joining SoftPro, Jason spent 5 years working for a large SoftPro customer leading process improvements and new products with web-based technologies.

Patrick Hempen
Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing - 800-848-0143, Ext. 2208 /
Patrick Hempen is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for SoftPro. Prior to joining SoftPro in 2013, Patrick was the Agency Area Manager with Fidelity National Title Group for the territories of Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois. Before he entered the title industry, he worked for a Fortune 500 lending institution where his functions included secondary market analysis and sales, recruiting and managing a sales staff, and underwriting consumer loans.

Margaret Bryce
Sr. VP of Research and Development - 800-848-0143, Ext. 2103 /
Margaret Bryce is Vice President of Research & Development for SoftPro. She joined SoftPro in 1999 as part of the Management Team directing and overseeing all product development. Margaret led the development team in expanding SoftPro's product offerings to include the Enterprise version, which led to the growth of SoftPro's multi-office customers. Under Margaret's leadership, the Research and Development Department integrate enhancements and releases of all SoftPro products. Prior to joining SoftPro, she held software development management positions in the pharmaceutical and health care industries. Margaret has over 20 years experience in software development, quality assurance and support.

Amy Riggsbee
Sr. VP of Implementation and Support - 800-848-0143, Ext. 2126 /
Amy Riggsbee is the Senior Vice President of Implementation and Support. She joined SoftPro in 1999 as a Support Analyst.  For the past two years, Amy has managed SoftPro's Implementation and Training Teams. For the previous 10 years, Amy led the SoftPro Solution Center in becoming the #1 rated support center in the Industry. Amy is a Certified Help Desk Manager and previously served as Vice President of Programs for the local chapter of HDI. In addition to help desk experience, Amy has 20 years of real estate industry experience. 

Pete Dolan
Sr. VP of Operations - 800-848-0143, Ext. 2148 /
Pete Dolan joined SoftPro in 2003 as Information Technology Manager, overseeing all technology utilized by SoftPro. He has since moved to directing the efforts of the Implementation department, where he is now the Vice President of Implementation. Pete's background prior to coming to SoftPro was technology consulting and integration for various large institutions including, banking, Federal, and education sectors in the Southeastern US.

Meg Keever
VP of Marketing - 800-848-0143, Ext. 2211 /
Meg began her career at SoftPro in 2002 as the Director of Marketing and more recently advanced to Vice President of Marketing. Throughout her years at SoftPro, Meg has faced the various challenges the market has encountered head-on, helping SoftPro achieve record growth. Prior to joining SoftPro, Meg worked for a marketing communications agency assisting with marketing strategy across multiple accounts. She also previously worked in marketing within the healthcare industry.

Heidi Schultz
VP of Implementation - 800-848-0143, Ext. 2209 /
Heidi Schultz is the Vice President of Implementation for SoftPro. She joined SoftPro in 2002 and has a variety of experience, working in roles as Industry Relations Manager, Manager of SoftPro's direct operations teams and Director of Business Integrations. Heidi has over 15 years experience in the real estate industry.  Prior to joining SoftPro, she was an I.T. manager and industry specialist working with title and escrow business partners at Commonwealth and Land America.

Melissa McBerkowitz
VP of Product Strategy - 800-848-0143, Ext. 2243 /
Melissa McBerkowitz is the Vice President of Product Strategy for SoftPro. Melissa began her career at SoftPro in 2000 as a Training Coordinator. She transitioned to Research & Development as a Software Engineer, where she led the development of SoftPro Select. She continues to serve as the SoftPro Select Product Manager in addition to overseeing SoftPro's Custom Development and Consulting Services.