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SoftPro Protect powered by QOMPLX is a simple, cost-effective cybersecurity solution for title companies that performs real-time assessments and continuous monitoring of critical cyber risk components.

Easy turnkey cybersecurity, managed for you

Prevent cyber attacks with 24/7 security monitoring

Detect attackers before they can do harm

Improve data security without the hassle

On-demand cybersecurity experts

As the world continues to share, search and interact online, the threat of data breaches continues to rise. Active security threats against companies of all sizes and sectors are now common and the title industry is a key target. Data breaches can be scary, unsettling and expensive to resolve. SoftPro wants to help safeguard your data and systems and allow you to confidently manage your business. In partnership with QOMPLX, a leader in cybersecurity, SoftPro brings you SoftPro Protect.


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SoftPro Protect includes 3 core components:

1. Managed Detection & Response

SoftPro Protect will provide you with Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services that include ingesting, parsing,
and reviewing log data sent to QOMPLX as necessary. SoftPro Protect provides you with support and/or recommendations
for your current organizational security programs (instead of replacing them) by providing:

  • Threat hunting for new or unknown malicious activity
  • Detection of known malicious activity
  • 24x7 security event monitoring, notification, alerting, and response
  • Comprehensive external scanning of publicly visible IT exposures with risk scoring
  • Automated log-based threat searches enabled by advanced data science tools and techniques
  • Complete visibility into ongoing analyses and incidents
  • Security reporting, including insights and recommendations

2. External attack surface assessment

SoftPro Protect will perform external internet scans to better understand your security vulnerabilities and fix them.
This includes collecting and analyzing relevant information using open source intelligence techniques and reporting on
findings as they relate to information security risk. QOMPLX uses these findings to provide you with a quantifiable
representation, or score, of your company's overall security posture. We combine these findings with data from select
vulnerability scanning tools to better examine and prioritize risk remediation and response.

3. Advisory services (vCISO)

Don't have a full-time CTO or CIO? Or do you, but are looking for extra assistance with monitoring security threats?
With SoftPro Protect, a dedicated security advisor will work hand-in-hand with you to help establish and maintain your
security vision, strategy, and programs. SoftPro Protect will provide expert guidance tailored to your goals and
business environment, anticipating future security and compliance challenges, and working to identify any current
security risks to your business-critical systems. Senior consultants will advise you on security program strategies,
prioritize areas for investment or uplift, perform due diligence, or sustain appropriate security capabilities.

What does SoftPro Protect provide?

  • 24/7 monitoring of your online business environment
  • Personalized notifications of any identified threats or risks
  • Minimum monthly assessments of your environment, keeping you up-to-date on the status of your security strength
  • Security and firewall recommendations to better protect your data
  • Access to a team of security experts, to assist you in the event of any cyber attack
  • Anti-phishing training for your staff
  • Security policies and procedures templates with annual security advisory services to ensure you’re meeting legal and regulatory requirements
  • Benchmarking assessments and scans to understand your security vulnerabilities and fix them
  • Timely threat investigation with real-time detection and response to prevent further harm
  • Collaborative communications and reporting to provide visibility into your business’ overall security posture

SoftPro Protect customers benefit from:

  • Confidence in the security of your business and data
  • Peace of mind against cyber attacks
  • A team of security experts at your fingertips, great for organizations without a dedicated security team
  • Compliance with ALTA Best Practices
  • Increased trust from banks with whom you do business

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