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Complete your closings faster together!

With multi-user functionality in SoftPro Select, multiple users can now access the same order at the same time. No more waiting to open an order until someone else is finished working in the order – now all of you can work, make changes, automate processes, and chat with each other at the same time! With multi-user functionality, your office can now work faster, smarter and more productively to decrease the time it takes to complete a closing!

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Benefits of multi-user functionality include:

  • The ability for multiple users to access and edit an order at the same time
  • You can see when another person is working in the order, the name of the person editing the order, and can tell which fields are being changed
  • You can put an exclusive lock on the order if needed
  • You have the ability to communicate with other users working in the order, using a chat tool in the conversation section
  • You can start automation processes without having to close the file
  • You can automate SoftPro 360 transactions to pass the most recent order data between the SoftPro 360 vendor and back to SoftPro automatically
  • And more!