How would your business be affected if you suddenly lost all of your critical data?

Accidents happen.
Buildings burn. Floods rise. Viruses destroy data. Hardware fails. You can get a new computer tomorrow, but how long would it take to reenter all of the critical data that your business depends on? Weeks? Months? And how much would it cost your organization?

SoftPro can help you develop a backup solution that will protect your most valuable business asset - your data.
SoftPro’s Backup Service is a fully automated backup solution designed to help you manage the entire backup process. All of your crucial data is encrypted and sent to SoftPro’s remote, secure data center, where it will be readily available in the event that data recovery becomes necessary.Our Backup Service is comprehensive, so not only will your SoftPro data be protected, but all of your critical business data can be backed up.

SoftPro’s Remote Backup Service is so easy, you may forget it’s there.
The backup process is fully automated and will run at a specified time each day without the need for user intervention. You will receive daily email alerts with the status of the prior evening’s backups.

We offer a managed solution that is different from other online backup programs.
SoftPro's Backup Service is supported by a team of Backup Specialists and our award winning Support Team. Should the need arise for full data restoration, we will work with you throughout the entire process to ensure the quickest possible recovery.

SoftPro’s Remote Backup Service Provides:

  • Automated nightly backup
  • 20 GB of storage space
  • Secure remote off-site storage of mission critical data
  • Data encrypted prior to transit
  • Daily email notification of success or failure
  • Backup of open files
  • Personal assessment of backup requirement with trained specialist
  • Custom backup plans available for more complex networks
  • SoftPro and non-SoftPro data

Don't put your business at risk when there is a simple and reliable solution from SoftPro.
For more information on SoftPro's Backup Service including pricing information, please call us at 800-848-0143 or send
an e-mail to our Sales department.

*Requirements include: internet connectivity, Windows 2000 Professional or higher, 128 MB of RAM, 5 GB of available disk space and current antivirus software.